AD DJ excites audience at AfroFuture x La Sundays event.

The crowd was all pumped up at the just ended Afrofuture festival and guess who was on the turntable? Did you guess right?? Yes, the famed and talented dj, AD DJ. And this came as no surprise as AD DJ is well famed for his prowess on the turn table.

AD DJ at AfroFuture x La Sundays

Prowess on the turn table, choice of music, attention to detail, ability to sway the crowd, just name it, AD DJ is famed for all.

AD DJ with beautiful lady

The Afrofuture festival, which he ‘dj’ed’ at was held at La Maison Dakoula, Côte d’Ivoire, and saw a massive turn-out, hosted by Tao and other African superstars including the British/ Nigerian born DJ and actor MsDSF from Nigeria and Jeunelio from CIV.

The Afrofuture festival, which was held in partnership with La Sunday Abidjan Events, was aimed at celebrating African culture and heritage, by promoting and showcasing African creativity through music, fashion, and art.

AD DJ in action

AD DJ, who started his professional career as a DJ in 2014 has since gained a reputation as the “People’s Champ” for his ability and prowess on the turntable and ability to sway crowds with his taste of music. He has played at numerous top events, including the just ended Afrofuture and has been hosted in some of the biggest clubs in Accra. He is currently the resident DJ at Front/Back, Accra, a private club that offers an exclusive experience for members.

The star of the show, AD DJ career does not just show his prowess in music on the turntable, he’s host to YKTFV party (You Know The F*** Vibes). A city-to-city party seeking to connect people through good music. Good music, great vibes, and entertainment, just name it. The next YKTFV party may be hosted in your city, and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss it, stay tuned peeps.

Enjoy one of his amazing mixtapes: AD DJ - Club Crates (Free MP3 Download)